GELNE - Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste


Group of Linguistic Studies in the Northeast (Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste – GELNE) is a non-profit cultural civil association that congregates professors, researchers and language scientist on regional (and national) level. Its mission is to disseminate and incentivize by the means available technical-scientific and cultural-educational agendas in Languages, Linguistics and Literature in the North and Northeast regions of the country, thus contributing to the improvement and advancement of regional teaching, research and the country itself.

Since its foundation, the Group has promoted biannual national Journeys as well as editions of the Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências da Linguagem Aplicadas ao Ensino – ECLAE) in different states throughout the Northeast. In its 40 years, GELNE has become one of the greatest and most prestigious scientific associations in the country. Figures show over 2,000 researchers from both Languages and Linguistics, 26 editions of National Journeys, 6 ECLAE editions besides the publication of 20 issues of the GELNE Journal, both print and digital, 8 issues of Journey proceedings as well as book collections and thematic journals.