GELNE - Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste



15 June 1977

Group of Linguistic Studies in the Northeast (Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste – GELNE) was founded during a meeting at the Center for Human Sciences, Languages and Arts (Centro de Ciências Humanas, Letras e Artes) at Universidade Federal da Paraíba (Federal University of Paraíba) presided by Prof. Milton Paiva.

16 June 1977

A general assembly was held to elect the first executive committee of the Group, composed of professors from Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Ceará, Pernambuco, Maranhão, Piauí e Alagoas. Technical assistance also counted on representatives from Mato Grosso, Acre and Minas Gerais. Professor Maria do Socorro Silva de Aragão was elected the first President of the Association and Professor Lynaldo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, the Dean at the time, was approved as Distinguished Associate.


GELNE’s first Executive Committee (1977-1981)

President: 1st President Maria do Socorro de Aragão (UFPB)

Vice-President: Alcir Leopoldo Dias (UFRN)

Secretary: Sônia Maria van Dijck Lima (UFSE)

2nd Secretary: Luiz Tavares Junior (UFCE)

Secretary-treasurer: Waldemir Lopes de Andrade (UFPB)

2nd Secretary-treasurer: Álvaro Negromoente - UFPE


15 – 17 June 1977


1st Journey of Linguistic Studies

João Pessoa – Paraíba


17 – 19 September 1977


2nd Journey of Linguistic Studies

The Journey was held in Campina Grande, Paraíba and focused on the Portuguese Language of Basic Courses as well in the Linguistics Programs of Language majors in Higher Education Institutes in the North and Northeast.

As a result, proposals of programs were approved and sent to Language Departments of Universities in these regions immediately after the Journey.


Natal – Rio Grande do Norte


23-25 November 1977

3rd Journey of Linguistic Studies

Professor Francisco das Chagas Pereira, from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte) was the President at the time. After the Journey, GELNE’s first proceedings was published.


Teresina – Piauí


7-9 June 1979

4th Journey of Linguistic Studies

Projeto Rondon sponsored this edition that held 8 lectures and 2 roundtables.

October 1979

5th Journey of Linguistic Studies


1980 and 1081


It is likely that the VI and VII Journeys of Linguistic Studies were held in Sobral and Limoeiro do Norte, Ceará. There is no information on the dates, the Group’s president or its members at the time.


Teresina - Piauí


3 – 6 June 1991

12th Journey of Linguistic Studies

Held in the capital city of Teresina from 3-6 June 1991, for 500 participants, the Journey had as its theme “Linguistics and Literature: theoretical-practical approaches”.


Recife – Pernambuco


15th Journey of Linguistic Studies

For the first time, the Journey was held in Recife, at Federal University of Pernambuco (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) under the presidency of Professor Luiz Antônio Marcuschi.


Fortaleza – Ceará


2-4 September 1998

16th Journey of Linguistic Studies

Under the presidency of Professor PhD Maria Elias Soares, from Federal University of Ceará (Universidade Federal do Ceará), the Association was capable of organizing through partnerships with professors from different institutions in the Northeast, GELNE’s 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th Journeys. The Executive Committee was able to reassure the scientific spirit through the creation of both the 1st Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) and GELNE’s Journal.  


Fortaleza – Ceará


1-3 September 1999

17th Journey of Linguistic Studies

The Journey presented for the first time an early Program of Work Groups from the National Association of Post-Graduation in Languages and Linguistics (ANPOLL – Associação Nacional de Programas de Pós-Graduação em Letras e Linguística).

WG Lexicology, lexicography and terminology

21 presentations

WG Phonetics and Phonology

4 presentations

WG Text Linguistics and Conversation Analysis

5 presentations


Salvador – Bahia


3 – 6 September 2000

18th Journey of Linguistic Studies

Under leadership of the previous Executive Committee as before, presided by Maria Elias Soares, the Journey also counted with support from Professor Célia Telles. During the Journey, 20 short-term courses, 94 sessions of individual presentation, 3 poster sessions, 49 sessions of coordinated presentations and 12 roundtables took place in a total of 831 productions


Fortaleza – Ceará


4-6 September 2002

19th Journey of Linguistic Studies

GELNE’s Executive Committee, still presided by Professor Maria Elias Soares, held the 19th Journey, presenting 11 conferences, 22 short-term courses, 77 sessions of individual presentation (308 presentations), 70 sessions of coordinated presentation, 3 poster sessions (136 presentations) and 17 roundtables (64 presentations).


João Pessoa – Paraíba


7-10 September 2004

20th Journey of Linguistic Studies

Back to its homeland, GELNE’s head office is transferred to Federal University of Paraíba (Universidade Federal da Paraíba) during Professor Dermeval da Hora, who established the following goals for his term:

To increase the social scope of the Association;

To continue the regular publication of GELNE’s journal;

To continue the Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) as regular event in the Journeys, for national reach;

To foster the participation of the Group Grammar of Discourse and ANPOLL’s Sociolinguistics Work Group in the Journeys;

To foster the participation of the International Association of Portuguese (Associação Internacional de Língua Portugesa) in GELNE’s academic events;

In March 2004, in João Pessoa, the 2nd Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) was held with 237 presentations;


João Pessoa – Paraíba


3- 6 September

21st Journey of Linguistic Studies

Due to Professor Dermeval’s leadership, a series of academic activities was developed to consolidate the Association such as the print publication of 4 volumes of GELNE’s Journal and the promotion of the 21st Journey. The presence of the Association in João Pessoa was essential to the foundation of the first Post-Graduation in Linguistics in the Northeast, known as PROLING.




Professor Denilda Moura takes over the Executive Committee and the Association is transferred to Federal University of Alagoas (Universidade Federal de Alagoas, UFAL) in Maceió. The 3rd Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) takes place in the same year and in 2008, the 22nd Journey was held at that university.


22-26 September 2008

22nd Journey of Linguistic Studies


2009 and 2010


Teresina becomes the head office of GELNE’s Executive Committee, presided by professor Maria Auziliadora Bezerra de Lima, from Federal University of Piauí (Universidade Federal do Piauí, UFPI). In 2010, the 23rd Journey was held at UFPI for over 700 participants.

6-9 September 2010

23rd Journey of Linguistic Studies

2011 and 2012
Natal – Rio Grande do Norte

Professor Marco Antônio Martins, from Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, UFRN), presided the Association in Natal and promoted the 5th Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) as well as the 24th Journey of Linguistic Studies for over 1200 participants.




The associate’s data base is digitalized and the Association holds once more in Natal, the 25th Journey. In addition, the book collection Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Ciências da Linguagem Aplicadas ao Ensino) is published.


Garanhuns – Pernambuco


After 17 years, GELNE’s returns to Recife, to Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, UFRPE) and for the first time the 6th Meeting of Language Sciences Applied to Teaching (Encontro das Ciências Aplicadas ao Ensino, ECLAE) is held in Garanhuns. Coordinated by professors Valéria Gomes, Cleber Ataíde, André Pedro da Silva, Emanuel Cordeiro, Sherry Almeida and Thaís Ranieri, the Association creates the first app for advertising GELNE’s events and through a partnership with UFRN, digitalizes GELNE’s Journal, now published on SEER.


In almost 40 years of History



GELNE’s past presidents:


Maria do Socorro Silva de Aragão (UFPB)

Luís Tavares Junior (UFC)

Francisco de Assis Pereira (UFRN)

Luis Passegi (UFRN)

Catarina de Sena (UFPI)

Luiz Antonio Marcuschi (UFPE)

Maria Elias Soares (UFC)

Dermeval da Hora Oliveira (UFPB)

Maria Denilda Moura (UFAL)

Maria Auxiliadora Ferreira de Lima (UFPI)

Marco Antônio Martins (UFRN)

Valéria Severina Gomes (UFRPE)


Project authorship: Cleber Ataíde (UFPE)


Collaborator: Maria do Socorro Silva de Aragão (UFPB/UFC), Maria Elias Soares (UFC)

Graphic Project: Karla Vidal (Pipa Comunicação).