GELNE - Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste


Our mission is to promote and incentivize

It is the mission of the Group of Linguistic Studies in the Northeast (Grupo de Estudos Linguísticos do Nordeste – GELNE) to disseminate and incentivize by any means technical-scientific and cultural-educational agendas in Languages, Linguistics and Literature in the North and Northeast regions of the country.

To accomplish this mission, GELNE aims to:

  • Raise scientific awareness among its associates as well as disseminate it on both levels of basic applied research and knowledge sharing and learning processes, fostering the use of resources and perspectives provided by technology and modern science;
  • Incentivize, disseminate, update and coordinate activities of research and teaching of languages, linguistics and literatures;
  • Enable the sharing of ideas and experiences among professors, as well as publicizing initiatives such as new methods and teaching processes;
  • Hold professional development and continued education courses for teachers and students;
  • Hold periodic meetings destined to associate’s interests and to discuss practical issues.
  • Promote scientific and didactic works that are recognized by their contribution to the field;
  • Establish interchange with institutions of similar nature and national and foreign cultural entities;
  • Pursue collaboration of other sciences in an integrating manner, such as Anthropology, Philosophy, Literary Theory and Communication Theory to further enrichment of their scientific and didactic activities.

Conferences, roundtables, presentations, posters, short term courses and panels that approach the various and most significative aspects of research fields of linguistics, language and modern literatures, aside from the publishing of books and journals, expositions and book fairs, as well as artistic-cultural are means through which GELNE is able to achieve their goals and: (i) disseminate results of research conducted by Northeastern researchers; (ii) interchange ideas and materials for research in the Northeast; (iii) establish relations and interchange of people from Northeast institutions and researchers from other regions in the fields of Language, Linguistics and Literature.